White Label solutions

Increase your market share and revenue with our White Label solutions!

Expand your product offering and brand name with our ready-to-market programs

  • Featuring one of the highest conversion rates in industry
  • Provide affordable yet high quality solutions to the customers
  • Get your own branded product in 2-3 business days

About Our White Label Partner Program

Avail the opportunity to significantly grow your business and increase revenue with our white label solutions. This program works by providing a completely branded version from our software portfolio under the name of the partener as well as a domain of your choice.

Our software has repeatedly proven itself to be successful and effective, allowing them to provide affordable and high quality solutions to the customers.

White Label Features

  • Layout colors choice
  • Brand name and logo
  • Your support number (optional)
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Availability of API for licensing automation
  • Get your own branded product(s) in 2-3 business days
  • Multi-tiered pricing to accommodate any size of the business
  • Widgets and addons tailored for individual verticals

Become a VerveLogic TM Software Partners

  • Rebranding/White Label

    Make most of our expertise in PC optimization of about 16 years to offer the software as your own.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers

    Your customers will love your equipments complemented with our products.

  • Software distributors, CD publishers, PC magazines

    We have an extended partner program that allows us to create a special software version with partner registration links.

  • Marketing Partners

    We promote products online and offline on excellent commercial terms.

  • Resellers and Distributors

    You can generate considerable amount of profit by helping us bring our product tp customers worldwide.

  • Repair and Tech Centers

    Recommend our products to your customers and enhance their computer experience

  • Software Developers

    Increase your sales at low cost by offering your products to customers.

To join our program, please contact our business development team and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.